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“I want women,
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Talking to Khiya

Khiya Kara, Director of Kara Bookkeeping Services, came to PracticeWeb in 2020 looking to fulfil her dream of a truly progressive accounting firm. 

She had everything in place to really shake up the status quo, but her existing site was letting her down. Riddled with technical issues and a bland design, Khiya came to PracticeWeb excited but frustrated that her vision was yet to come to fruition.

Clients like Khiya are a dream to work with – at the end of the process, we’d created a dedicated brand strategy, a fast and effective stunning new site and a thorough blogging calendar.

Results overview


10 enquiries in the first two weeks after go-live.


Established and developed the firm’s strong visual identity.


Shared the passion Khiya has for accounting through the blog.

“My old site wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. There were technical issues and it didn’t bring me any new business.”

Kara profile

Khiya kara, Director

Kara Bookkeeping Specialists

The challenge

Creating the sisterhood

As is often the case with a struggling website, not only was it not running smoothly, it just wasn’t bringing Khiya any new clients. For a firm like KBS, growth is integral to its progression, so without new business, there’s a risk of falling by the wayside.

So, how do you change this? Khiya is brimming with personality, and while her old site did have sprinklings of this, it failed to really reflect what she was all about. The content, design, and importantly blog, would be key areas for reflecting this uniqueness of KBS as a firm.

“The content strategy was what I enjoyed the most. It really surprised me because after we’d gone through the questions, they went away for a bit to think over what we’d discussed. When they came back they had nailed every content idea. I was like, boom, you’ve got it.”

Kara profile

Khiya kara, Director

Kara Bookkeeping Specialists

The Solution

Empowering personality

We spoke to Khiya at length about her brand strategy, where she wanted the business to go, and what it would take to get it there. Engaging in these kinds of discussions gave her an understanding of what we were about in detail and the kinds of steps that we would take to level up her brand.

We ran dedicated content strategy and tone of voice workshops to ascertain how she wanted to sound on the site. Using a mixture of open questions, exercises, and thought management, we created dedicated documents that Khiya could refer back to, and that our team of writers could use to write the copy for her site.

We discussed how the site should look, using a mixture of gut tests, design choices and different typography, to really nail what KBS is about. Khiya already had a strong colour palette, with solid reasons backing up her choices, so for us, it was about condensing this into a brief to pass on to our designers.

Desktop demo

The results

A truly modern accounting firm

The results speak for themselves. The new site is bold, powerful and vibrant. It reflects Khiya’s personality and presents KBS’s expertise in a clear and effective manner. The relaxed and informal tone of voice makes trawling the site a breeze and is a far cry from the typical accounting site.

“I’ve had 10 enquiries in 2 weeks since the site went live!”

Khiya loves her blog – it gives her a chance to really showcase what she’s about in a more carefree fashion, providing genuine insight in a fun and friendly format.

“I was on the phone with a potential new client for about 20 minutes. She said, yeah, I came across your website. I really love your vibe. Okay, can you offer these services? I was like, yeah. She goes okay, where do I sign? I was like, what? She wanted to sign just after seeing the site!”

Kara profile

Khiya kara, Director

Kara Bookkeeping Specialists

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