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‘Pages’ are used for static content, distinct from dynamic ‘Posts’. Ideal for sections like ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact’ they help structure your site effectively. Use pages to present timeless information, ensuring a user-friendly experience and cohesive site navigation.

How to create the right meta description

A meta description is a summary of a page’s content that appears under search results. It’s usually around 155 characters long and gives readers a broad overview of what the page is about.  While writing meta descriptions is optional, including them in your website...

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Removing page links from your menu

To remove a page link from your menu, click Appearance, then Menus. Select the menu you want to edit from the dropdown, and click on the arrow next to the page you want to remove. Then click on the red text that says Remove and click Save Menu.

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How to manage your pages on your Horizon website

To see all of the pages on your website, log in to the back end of the site. Then, in the left-hand menu, click on Pages. Here, you will see a list of all your pages. You can edit pages by hovering over the page title and clicking Edit. You can delete a page by...

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Adding pages

To add a page to your website, log in to the back end of your site and click on Pages. At the top of the screen, click on the Add New button. Click on the Use The Divi Builder button. This will open a popup where you can either build from scratch or clone an existing...

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Page revisions

The pages section of the dashboard is where you can add new pages or edit existing pages on your website. To edit an existing page, click on Pages in the left-side menu. Then, hover over the page title you want to edit and click on Edit. From here, you can edit the...

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