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by | Nov 9, 2023 | Google Analytics, Help Centre Getting Started

Google Analytics 4’s Homepage provides a summary of data about your website’s performance.
As you continue to use Analytics, it will adapt and refine the insights it provides based on your ongoing interactions and preferences. The more you use it, the better it becomes at tailoring the information you need. 


The cards on the overview display metrics that are relevant to your business, accompanied by a trendline for each metric. These trendlines help you visualise how each metric has been changing over time, allowing you to track the performance and trends that matter most to you.

You can also personalise the overview cards by hovering over a metics and selecting the appropriate metrics on the drop-down menu. The changes will not be seen by other people in the property. 

Real time 

The real-time report provides you with information that allows you to monitor the activity on your website or apps as it occurs. This means you can see what’s happening on your website instantly, without any delay, which can be valuable for tracking live events or campaigns.

The cards on the homepage show the number of users who have accessed the website in the last 30 minutes, listing up to five countries from which the activity originates.

You have an option to personalise the report by using the drop-down menu and choosing from a number of dimensions or metrics, such as City, Audience, Country, Users and New Users. 

Recently accessed

This section provides links to parts of the Analytics account that you have accessed most recently. These links make it convenient to quickly access the specific areas of your Analytics account that you’ve recently worked with. 

Suggested for you 

When you start using Google Analytics, this section will include cards that you access most frequently, even if you haven’t viewed them recently. It’s designed to adapt and display the cards that are most relevant and important to you based on your usage patterns.

Insights and recommendations

These sections generate automated insights and recommendations based on the data Analytics collects. They aim to help you identify trends, opportunities and potential issues in your website performance.

Insights gives you information about the unusual changes, emerging trends and other observations about your website. This can help you pick up on anomalies, allowing you to quickly identify changes in data that require further analysis and action. 

Recommendations provides personalised recommendations to help you get the most useful and accurate data. This allows you to take advantage of new, relevant feature as they become available. Google will make recommendations by looking at your property’s history, your settings, and trends across Google Analytics. 

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