Calculating marketing ROI for accountants

Online marketing conversion calculator

Our online marketing conversion calculator is a tool that makes it quick and easy to work out the value your accountancy firm will derive from investment in marketing and sales.

It will help you analyse the whole process of internet marketing and sales from potential clients views, your online advertising views to the point of closing a sale.

You can use it to decide how much to invest in building your marketing funnel and get a sense of how profitable that investment could help your practice become.

Once you have thought about this take a look at our ROI calculator.

Before you start, think about what you want to achieve as a business and how marketing supports the business goals.

Then take a look at the ROI calculator and plug in numbers based on your knowledge of your business and the market, with sensible estimates where necessary.

The calculator allows you to:

  • Determine how many people you’ll need at each stage of the marketing funnel.
  • Find out how much you are paying at each stage of your marketing, whether it’s per click or per customer.
  • Calculate your return on investment – how much will you make for each marketing pound spent?

Access the marketing ROI calculator