Check out the stats on the monthly UK searches for ‘Making Tax Digital’: the term has been averaging more than 8,000 searches a month this year, and massively spiked to 18,000 last month. (Stats via Ubersuggest).

If you have an opinion piece hiding up there in your brain, now is the time to get writing. The chance to grab some of this is very much for the taking. A well-written piece with the right SEO hygiene has a decent chance of getting you noticed.

There’s really nothing to lose here. Go on, do it.

If you need that final bit of encouragement to get started, here are some words from us on headline writing and dancing like no one is watching.

Searches for ‘Making Tax Digital’ hit an all-time high

Making Tax Digital search volumes 2018

While there looks like there is mileage in a well-written piece, I would advise against entering into a paid media strategy, e.g. Pay Per Click, as a route to amplification. It looks like the vendors have already pushed the price up. A cost per click of £17 is high, especially for a topic which is likely to be searched for relatively early in the buyer journey. Save your money for another day.

Making Tax Digital for VAT

It gets better. If you really want to have a shot at this, I’d write a second piece about ‘Making Tax Digital for VAT’. The search terms are much lower right now but on the rise (and, with an educated guess, about to rocket).

Making Tax Digital for VAT

There’s no one really making the most of this term right now and most traffic still hits HMRC. It’s a bit like buying Bitcoin in 2014 (I didn’t) there’s a chance to ride a wave here.

Why not have a go?

If you’re too busy and it’s not going to happen, our editorial experts offer a content service for accountants that will match your tone of voice, comes fully optimised for your chosen keywords, and will ensure you don’t miss your chance to shine.