Should I use lots of different keywords on one page?

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Help Centre Getting Started, Help Centre SEO

We do not encourage clients to use many different keywords on a page to improve their SEO. This is because:

  • Content relevance: Each page of your website should have a specific focus and topic. Using many keywords on one page can make it challenging to maintain a clear theme.

  • User experience: Attempting o target multiple keywords can cause confusion among users about its primary focus, reducing readability and diminishing user experience.

  • SEO best practice: Targeting multiple keywords may dilute the page’s relevance and making it less likely to rank well for any of the keywords. 

Instead of targeting many different keywords on a page, you should focus on a primary keyword that best represents the page’s main topic. Your primary keyword should be prominently featured in the page’s title, headings and content. It’s also beneficial to naturally incorporate semantic keywords that are closely related to the primary keywords, as this can help search engines understand the context of your content.

If you want to cover a variety of topics or keywords, it’s usually best to create separate pages for each keyword or topic and use inner linking to send users to the relevant page. Taht way, you can provide in-depth, focused content for each topic and improve both user experience and SEO. 

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