Using Visual Builder to edit page content

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Help Centre Getting Started, Help Centre Visual Builder

Basic: Visual Builder introduction

Your website was built using a tool called Divi, which makes editing your site much simpler than manipulating code. You can use the Visual Builder to make changes to your site and see the changes in real time.

First, log in to your site. Then, click on Pages. Click Edit under the page you want to edit. Then click on Build On The Front End.

Alternatively, after logging in, you can go to the front end of the page you want to edit and click Enable Visual Builder.

Once the Visual Builder has loaded, you’ll notice a coloured box outlining the different sections of the page, showing the different building blocks of your page. The outlining box’s colour indicates the building block type being used.

Click on the section you want to edit and click the Cog Icon.

If you’re editing text, a window will appear where you can alter the text on the page. Once you’ve made your edits, click the green tick box.

Then, click the purple circle with three white dots in the centre of the bottom of your screen. After that, click the green Save button that appears in the bottom right corner. You can then exit the Visual Builder.

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