Making Tax
Digital Campaign

Our MTD campaign gives you the tools to inform your clients what it means for them in an engaging and varied way. 

MTD is coming: be ready

 Engage & educate your clients
Save yourself time
Be on the front foot
Be perceived as proactive, not reactive


Educate your clients

Finding the time can be tricky.

Making Tax Digital is one of the most significant changes to the tax system, so everybody needs to know what it’ll mean to them.

Taking the time to communicate the changes of MTD with your clients can be difficult when you have so many other things to focus on. 

Letting your clients know on an individual basis which changes will affect them, when they need to be signed up for MTD, and what software they should use is a repetitive task. 

That’s why we’ve put together a fantastic campaign to help you engage your audience.

Our MTD campaign is built to save you time while letting your clients know exactly what to expect over the next few years. 

With our videos, guides and social media promotions, the campaign will interact with and inform your clients in an engaging and varied way. 

We’ll provide the tools you need to educate your clients on MTD and position you as an expert source of useful content. Our campaign will give you peace of mind, knowing your clients are kept in the loop.

What your money will buy

When you buy our MTD campaign, you’ll receive multi-platform communication that you can use across a range of channels. 

We’ll also write bespoke content for a landing page for your website and design, publish and add the page to your navigation. 

Once this is done, we will integrate your MTD guide and video and outline the MTD support services you can provide. Our social media posts will widen the reach of the campaign, being an additional source of information when coupled with our email templates.

Designed email communications

Social media promotion

Branded explainer video

Extensive branded MTD guide

Bespoke landing page

A multi-channel communication campaign

Our communication campaigns are built to engage with your client base on multiple platforms. By creating content with your brand attached, you’ll become to go to for MTD.

Our accessible content will give your clients clear and concise information which will be easy to understand and digest.

Bespoke emails

Write and send 3 x designed emails for existing clients

Social posts

Write and schedule 6 x social posts for your chosen platform

A suite of assets

Access to guide downloads and contact support


Our set package cost covers all aspects of our marketing campaign, so you won’t be surprised by any unexpected fees once the work is done.

This table will break down the costs for the service and what your money is paying for.

MTD Campaign

Perfect for accountants looking to engage and inform their clients on MTD.


Set up and creation of assets (£2,500.00)

Bespoke landing page
Branded video
Branded MTD guide
3 designed email communications
6 social posts

Campaign planning, execution and playback (£500)

3 months blended marketing activity:
See campaign plan for timeline

Campaign analysis:
A summary report of your campaign’s performance

Want to talk to us about starting an MTD campaign?


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Business Development Executive

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