Horizon: our new website platform

A powerful new product designed for accountants and marketers around increasing lead generation

We launched a new website product last year called Horizon and we’re really proud of it.

Our clients got the ball rolling on this project, telling us what they valued in a website platform and what the existing Landscape platform lacked.

This research really helped us shape the development of Horizon, our mobile-responsive WordPress sites that look just as sharp as they function.

Why move from Landscape to Hoirzon



Five years is a long time in the world of web design, and 2014 was when our Landscape website platform was rolled out. With the evolution of web design, Landscape looks outdated in 2019.


Too limited

It offered our clients a small number of templates to choose from, all of which were shared by other practices at that time, with very little room to customise the layout or colours of your website.


Not mobile friendly

Some of our older Landscape sites are not mobile-responsive, and that is essential given the way your clients and prospects consume online information has changed.


All or nothing

Our Landscape package meant you had to take all of the functionality, even if you didn’t use it. This didn’t feel like good business for anyone.

What accountants need from a website

Above all, respondents want a fully-functioning, user-friendly website that makes their brand stand out from the crowd.


Responding to client demands

Our clients reflected this trend and told us their needs had changed in-line with those of the general public.

They wanted a customisable marketing solution that uses cutting-edge technology and bespoke design to engage with their clients and prospects.


Mobile first

More people than ever use their smartphones or tablets to go online. On a global scale, almost 35 billion devices were reported to be connected to the internet in 2018, and that figure is tipped to top 50bn in 2020.


More marketing control

Many clients expressed a desire to be able to add pages to supplement marketing campaigns, pay-per-click tracking or live chat plugins – all of which Horizon provides to enable you to build closer relationships with your clients.


Best of breed

One that brings their digital presence into the modern era by articulating a mix of services, showing off their current team, displaying multiple office locations where necessary and removing any outdated information.

The benefits of moving to Horizon

Our new product Horizon has been more than a year in the making. The sheer flexibility of Horizon is its greatest selling point.

Developed around WordPress

As Horizon websites are built on WordPress, it is easy to add or remove content on the site.

You can clone, add, remove or edit pages, enabling you to adjust your website’s structure in your own way, in your own time.

Fully mobile responsive

Being fully mobile-responsive, your website will look as good on a phone as on a computer, which is vital now that more than 50% of web traffic is mobile.

HTTPS secure and SEO guidance

It will also be HTTPS secure (you get the padlock on every page), and it comes with on-page SEO guidance via a pre-installed plugin called Yoast.

Product roadmap

We also use a product roadmap for Horizon, which gives you access to new features and functionality without expensive development costs.

Features and integrations of Horizon


Watch our video for a tour of the Horizon platform by our customer success manager and account manager.

Features of Horizon

Included for Starter, Professional and Tailored sites


Fully responsive design


Site search


SEO ready




Email opt in


Advanced form builder







Customer reviews


Chat bots


Email Marketing tools: our platform integrates with the most popular email and CRM tools on the market 

Horizon: tiered to suit you

Horizon has three clearly defined levels, with different price points to suit the needs of your practice.


A set of pre-built base themes that align to a range of brand styles. Each theme is customisable to fit your project. This off-the-peg solution ensures your practice’s identity shines through.


You tell us what you want and our in-house designers create a bespoke theme. Collaboration is key to providing you with a design, feel and structure that really reflects your business.


This product comes with all the bells and whistles. The design time and functionality produces a high-end product for mid-level money. Ideally suited for larger firms or ambitious startups.

Many of our customers have already reaped the benefits after switching from Landscape to Horizon and their clients seem happy, too.

Making the switch to Horizon

If you are an existing PracticeWeb client, you can take advantage of a special rate to make your website fit for 2019 and beyond.

Give us a call on 0117 915 3349 or email hello@practiceweb.co.uk to discuss your options. In all probability, it will cost you less than you think.

Hear about PracticeWeb’s journey and how we have changed since we first met you: https://www.practiceweb.co.uk/about-us/