Resources from our book: The Digital Marketing Manual for Accountants

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Chapter 03

Persona template

The persona template will help you define who it is you’re targeting and what their challenges are. 

Chapter 03

Buyer journey template

The buyer journey template will help you to think about what your clients are struggling with at each stage of their journey, and how you can help them with their pain points.

Chapter 04

Business and marketing goals template

Use the business and marketing goals template to bring focus and action to your ideas to help you set your firm’s visions and goals.

Chapter 09

Marketing plan template

Use the marketing plan template to schedule specific, practical steps for deliverables for the year, to achieve your marketing strategy.

Other guides that you might find useful

Please find below the relevant guides that we recommend to use alongside our book: The digital marketing manual for accountants.
These guides contain all the information you need, to put your firm in control of growing a successful accounting firm through marketing.


Complete guide to Marketing Plans

PracticeWeb Buyer Personas guide


Complete guide to Buyer Personas


Complete guide to Content marketing

Accounting websites guide.


Complete guide to Website marketing


The Beginner’s guide to Google Analytics


The Beginner’s guides to Brand

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