The Business of Marketing 2022

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About the 2022 Business of Marketing series

Every month, our Managing Director, Dan McNamara from PracticeWeb goes behind-the-scenes on marketing, using a blend of SME insight and data informed marketing. Providing firms with practical advice and best practice.

Latest episode

PPC: investing in laser-focused tactics to turn intent into action

Accountants that are serious about growth will probably consider investing in PPC at some stage, but it’s one of the channels that causes the most nervousness. How do you know exactly which terms to invest in and how much to spend? How do you set up a PPC campaign for success, and how long should it take to start seeing results?

Dan McNamara is joined by two expert guests to take a close look at the world of PPC marketing. Bhimal Hira (Partner, Jeffreys Henry) and Tom Bowen (Paid Media Consultant at PIG).

Website optimisation: turn your website into a new business machine

The single biggest marketing expense for many accountancy firms is their website, but most companies fail to realise its true potential and fail to reap the benefit of that investment.

In this episode, Dan McNamara and Ben Olive-Jones (PracticeWeb’s SEO specialist) take a deep dive into the world of website optimisation, giving you practical tips and advice for making sure your website delivers for your accountancy practice.

An accountants guide to content marketing and SEO

Ambitious accountancy firms know that content marketing can play a key role in their growth plans, but with so many tactics and channels on offer, it can be a confusing area.

In this episode, Dan McNamara (Managing Director, PracticeWeb) and Jake Smith (Head of Branded Content, AccountingWeb) take a deep dive into the world of content marketing and SEO, giving you practical tips and advice for executing effective content marketing campaigns.

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