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Every month, PracticeWeb goes behind-the-scenes on marketing, using a blend of SME insight and data informed marketing. Providing firms with practical advice and best practice.

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What’s stopping your firm from connecting with the right clients?

With business owners busy facing their own unique set of challenges and opportunities, it’s important that their accountant really understands their priorities to be able to offer the best advice.

Our insight report, with ACCA spoke to small business owners to find out what’s most important to them as we head into next year.

In this episode, we talk you through the report’s highlights, covering all the need to knows for your accountancy practice.

Supercharge your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networks for businesses, yet many accountants struggle to unlock its potential.

In this episode, Mike Crook has invited LinkedIn trainer and coach Louise Brogan to talk about how accountants can use the platform to reach new clients and grow their online presence.

Louise was crowned Small Business Britain Champion in 2021 and is an international speaker, writes for Social Media Examiner and hosts the LinkedIn with Louise podcast.

Social media: The magic ingredient for your firm?

Still not convinced about the power of social media? Wondering what the benefit, if any, might be for your practice? Or convinced but baffled about where to start?

In this episode, Mike Crook, is joined by Francesca Tricarico, Managing Director at Future Cloud Accounting, and Samantha Mitcham, Managing Director at SJCM Accountancy.

They both use social media as a core marketing tool to build their profile, demonstrate their expertise and win business.

Build an online advisory firm in three steps- episode three: how to form a marketing plan

Whether you’re launching a new service or promoting an existing one, you need to back it up with a robust marketing plan.

This includes identifying and understanding your target audience, creating a content plan that reflects the stage your prospects are in the buying cycle, defining your customer journey and much more.

In this episode Mike will show you how to create a marketing plan that works for your business.

Build an online advisory firm in three steps- episode two: grow your visibility

Creating a cohesive and compelling brand identity is about communicating your value to the market on the right channels, at the right time, to the right people.

In this 2nd session join us for a comprehensive, and informative exploration into growing your visibility as an advisory firm.

We will help you create a strategy to communicate your value to the market and build your reputation as an advisory firm, and find out what business owners are searching for online when it comes to advisory services.

Build an online advisory firm in three steps- episode one

Many firms struggle to educate the market on the value they offer to business owners. Which means they are not in control of how they communicate and educate the market. This is especially true when it comes to winning more advisory clients.

That’s why I’ve put together this three part webinar series to help firms communicate their value to the market and build the visibility of their advisory services online.

In this first session we will show you how to create, package and price your advisory services that clearly demonstrates your value.

Take your marketing from a cost centre to a profit centre

For many firms marketing is seen as a cost centre. Profit-centre marketing is when the marketing function generates measurable revenue for a company.

But how do you go about turning your firm’s marketing function from a cost centre to a profit centre?

This month’s guests feature: Bhimal Hira, marketing and business development partner from Jeffreys Henry LLP, and Jonathan Stobart, head of marketing and partnership for AccountancyManager.

Get more leads through search engine optimisation

Search engines are the modern battle grounds for most businesses. Savvy accounting firms have started to recognise the benefits being visible in search can bring for the growth of their firm.

But how do you go about being visible in search? What does it take to be number one? And, how can you start on your journey to being visible in search?

Mike is joined by his guest PracticeWeb’s search engine optimisation expert, Ben Olive Jones.

Fall in love with your firm again

As history proves, it’s necessary to look to the future to lead your firm and navigate through the year. To achieve this, we need to remind ourselves about the importance of leadership, how to lead, and what our teams and clients expect.

Mike is joined by his guest Richard Brewin, managing director of Progress BB for this inspiring session covering:

  • The role you play as a leader for your firm.
  • The role you play as an advisor for your clients.
  • A four step process to help you set a vision.
  • How to plan and execute the vision.

The secret to an efficient and scalable accountancy firm

If you’re overwhelmed and overworked and looking for a more effective way to run your practice, or heading into the next stage of growth and need an efficient and effective workforce behind you, this webinar is for you.

In this episode of The Business of Marketing we bring together expertise in Accounting, IT and Marketing to explain how you should structure your firm for maximum efficiency, with a view to achieving growth and scale.

How to package, price and promote your accounting firm’s services.

If you’re one of the many accounting firms who have launched new services over the past few months, or would like to see greater takeup of existing services, this webinar is for you.

We’ll show you how to package your service, price it and bring it to the attention of your ideal clients through smart digital marketing.

In this episode Mike is joined by Mike Dean, Commercial Director and Co-Founder of WhisperClaims, the R&D tax software provider.


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How to develop a strong brand and proposition for your firm.

What does having a strong brand mean? How do you build one? And exactly why does it have such a profound effect on ‘bounce back’ in the wake of a crisis?

In this episode Mike is joined by PracticeWeb’s brand expert Alex Tucker for this workshop style webinar.


How to recover your sales funnel with the right type of clients.

Mike shows you how to use content and search engine optimisation to recover your sales funnel with the right type of clients.

He’s joined by Bal Gora and Sam Patel from Diamond Accounts who work with sectors that have been badly hit by the pandemic: restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores and construction businesses.

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