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Simon Thandi is co-founder of UK Landlord Tax, a specialist accountancy firm based in Wolverhampton.

He came to PracticeWeb in 2019 because he and his business partner, Kevin Nicholls, needed help – how could they generate more leads without constantly increasing their pay-per-click advertising spend, and scale the firm?

On behalf of UK Landlord Tax, PracticeWeb carried out market research and ran brand and content strategy workshops; we then built a beautiful new website; and are carrying out ongoing SEO consultation and bespoke content delivery.

    “PracticeWeb delivered. ROI is off the scale.”

    Simon Thandi, Director

    UK Landlord Tax

    Results overview


    Enquiries doubled within two weeks of website go-live; 22 enquiries per week within a month.


    Better quality leads requiring higher value services.


    Reduced costs – Google Ads campaigns wound down.

    The challenge

    Get found,
    convince prospects

    Simon’s goal was for UK Landlord Tax “to be the go-to accountancy brand for the property landlord who is either UK resident, non-UK resident or an overseas investor”.

    To achieve that, in a competitive market, they needed to be highly visible and acquire substantial numbers of new leads each year.

    UK Landlord Tax had run their own lead generation campaigns using Google Ads, with some success, but found themselves facing diminishing returns.

    As a result, the increasing cost of customer acquisition was eating into profits.

    An additional problem was the quality of the existing website. A DIY effort, it had performed relatively well for the firm over the years but simply didn’t project authority or inspire confidence in prospective clients.

    This went beyond aesthetics – it suppressed conversion rates. Even when people did find the website, too few of them were inspired to follow through with a phone call or email.

    Simon is marketing savvy, knew something needed to be done, and was ready to invest.

    “Finding a professional, ethical and committed internet marketing company was a bit of a minefield. I can’t begin to tell you the number of Internet marketing companies I have spoken to who were either too inexperienced, lack credibility and knowledge, or were simply just offering a thoughtless, bland approach. PracticeWeb stood out.”

    Simon Thandi, Director

    UK Landlord Tax

    The solution

    Research, strategy, visual identity


    PracticeWeb MD Mike Crook steered this project personally, working closely with Alex Tucker (brand strategy), Mark Jones (lead designer), Ray Newman (head of content) and Becky Prince (project management).

    We took a data-driven look at the performance of their existing website and proposed a package of work focused specifically on:

    • inbound marketing – content users want and need
    • demand generation – making people aware of UKLT
    • increasing the perceived value of UK Landlord Tax’s services.

    We undertook market research to define the size of the market and help them decide on which specific subset of potential clients to focus.

    We also undertook a methodical survey of landlords – how could UK Landlord Tax best grab their attention and speak to their needs?


    Through this, we identified a core group of target clients and, in particular, fleshed out the concept of the ‘accidental landlord’. These were people who had never had to submit a tax return until they acquired rental property as a result of moving in with a partner, moving away for work, or through inheritance.

    This flowed into a programme of brand strategy work led by Alex. This produced a set of buyer personas around which all future marketing activity would revolve. 

    Working with the UK Landlord Tax team, Alex shaped a clear brand proposition, brand values and brand promises. What makes UK Landlord Tax different? Why would a prospective client choose it over a competitor? And how can that be expressed in a way Simon and colleagues could embrace?

    That formed the starting point for a content strategy programme, starting with a full-day workshop at the UK Landlord Tax office in Wolverhampton, led by Ray. What are the information needs of ideal clients and prospects? What could UK Landlord Tax talk and write about to draw them in and convince them to pick up the phone?

    The outputs of this session included a one-year content calendar with enough ideas for more than one post per week and comprehensive documentation on tone of voice – that is, how the brand should be expressed in writing.

    Visual identity

    Next, Mark took over, building on the brand and tone of voice work to create a brand new visual identity for the firm. This included logo design, typography, colour palette and a framework for photography and graphics.

    The aim was to present UK Landlord Tax as credible and trustworthy, with the feel of a national brand.

    The results

    Simon told us that in the first two weeks of go-live, UK Landlord Tax received more enquiries than they had in the whole of the previous month.

    This increase came without an increase in traffic, demonstrating the power of great design and content to sell services to website visitors. In other words, the same number of people were finding the site, but more of them liked what they saw and read.

    In the weeks that followed, the rate of enquiries continued to increase and within a month the firm was receiving around 7-8 enquiries per day – almost more than they could handle.

    As a result, they were able to stop their Google Ads campaigns and reduce their marketing costs. 

    “We’ve had a higher volume of leads coming through and they are better quality, higher value and require more complex services,” says Simon.

    Simon Thandi, Director

    UK Landlord Tax

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