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by | Jan 17, 2019 | Websites

We are really excited to share with you some updates that are coming soon to the WordPress platform.

Hello, Ninja Forms – our form creation tool for WordPress

Over the next few weeks, you may notice some improvements to the forms on your WordPress website. We are saying goodbye to Divi forms and hello Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms is a plugin which makes it easier for you to create your own forms on your website. Research was undertaken by our development team to find the best tool to use and Ninja Forms came out on top.  Some of the highlights for our customers are listed below:

  • Data management – there is a database on your WordPress dashboard so your submissions will be in one place, ready for you to filter and sort through.
  • Practical and visually appealing– there is a lot of flexibility enabling you to customise your forms without touching the CSS. The PracticeWeb team can set them up with default styling for your site, leaving you to play with the fields to collect the details you want.
  • Helping with your lead generation goals – They integrate nicely with numerous marketing and CRM software, allowing you to add someone to a mailing list from another form. 

Whether you require a feedback form or event registration form, you can now create this quickly and easily with just the click of a button.

Ninja Forms will be rolled out across all of our WordPress websites over the next couple of weeks.

Don’t panic – the look of your current forms shouldn’t change, but the back end will be slightly different. We will let you know when your new forms will be live.

Page creation

From next week, all admins will be able to create and edit standard pages within their WordPress site. This will make it even easier to tell your story or show off your services.

New feature: Page creation

Even better news, it is a really straightforward process where you can clone an existing page to give you the right layout. All you need to do is update the content.

As always, our client support team is on hand to help if you need more assistance with this.

Admin addition: quick access to help guides

We know what it is like: you are in the middle of making an update to your website and suddenly you are unsure of your next step. Fear not, we are here to help with easy access to our Knowledge base – the PracticeWeb help centre.

Help centre

You can now access a variety of guides, videos and FAQs through the admin area, to refresh your knowledge when you need it most. This is being updated all the time, so keep checking back for the latest content. 


Want to chat more about these new features? Get in contact with us 

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