Spring Budget 2020: How to use your report

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Content

Hundreds of accountancy practices around the UK will be getting into their offices this morning to find our Spring Budget 2020 report in their inboxes – the cornerstone of our branded content for accountants.

We’ve also sent you another email delivering a one-off bonus video package and instructions on how to use it – keep an eye out for that, too.

This year’s report is packed with information revealed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in his first fiscal announcement, which arrived just 27 days after he succeeded Sajid Javid in the role 

For our print product, Horizon clients should have received three versions of their Spring Budget 2020 report via email, following on from yesterday’s Budget Day coverage which sits in the news section. 

For those using the older Landscape platform, you should have received the same three versions of the report which sit in the ‘tax’ section of your website.

Individuals who purchased just our Spring Budget 2020 report, as a standalone product, should have received only the three versions of the report – two PDFs and one Word document – by email. 

All of our clients now have two questions in common: what’s the difference between the three versions of your report? And how should they be used?

Using the professional version

Do you want to print out your fully-branded report to impress clients or prospects who visit your office, or simply present it to stakeholders?

This version is designed to be taken to a professional printer who will be able to provide you with a high-resolution document.

We have supplied the bleed marks so the printer can crop your report to size and provide a polished finish. 

Using the digital version

Most of our clients have a website and with that comes the facility to display their Spring Budget 2020 report online. 

You can use this branded PDF to print out on an office printer, send as an email attachment, or upload to your Horizon website

To put the cherry on the cake, feel free to download an unbranded thumbnail image to accompany your report when you upload it to your Horizon website.

Select your thumbnail cover image below:

Be aware, though, that printouts of the digital version of your report from an office or home printer won’t be as polished as the professional version. 

Using the Word document

It’s important to remember your Spring Budget 2020 report is white-label content, and there are steps to take if you intend to publish the contents of the unedited Word doc on your site.

If you copy your Spring Budget 2020 Word doc and paste into the back end of your website without editing it first, ensure it is no-indexed before publishing it. 

The other option is to repurpose and rewrite our report for distribution to your clients. If you have the time, this is usually the best approach.

Repurposing is ideal if you have customers in niche sectors and you want to provide succinct, accurate information that’s most relevant to them.

For example, add quotes from your own partners, or include references to the sectors or regions on which your firm focuses.

Get in touch

If you have not received your Spring Budget 2020 report, or would like to buy it as a one-off, email support@practiceweb.co.uk

Alternatively, find out more about our content for accountants service. Our next Budget report will be published in autumn 2020.

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