How to submit award winning award entries

by | Apr 23, 2024 | Content, Strategy

Submitting an entry for an award can be both exciting and daunting. However, the ambition is universal: to win. Success can provide not just accolades but also a platform for further opportunities.

With the Accounting Excellence Awards 2024 entries now open and PracticeWeb proudly sponsoring the Marketing Campaign of the Year award, now is the perfect time for your firm to kick off award season and craft an award-winning entry.

In this blog, we go through what you should consider when submitting an award entry and how to maximise the possibility of your success.

Understand the criteria

First and foremost, familiarise yourself with the award entry criteria. These guidelines are your blueprint. They detail what the competition is looking for, the format of submissions, and the thematic boundaries, if any.

Ignoring these criteria is a sure-fire way to have your entry disregarded, no matter its quality. Include tangible evidence to support your claims, such as case studies, testimonials, quantifiable performance measures, and any relevant metrics to help demonstrate ROI.

Focus on originality

Judges are often inundated with entries, many of which may be remarkably similar. Standing out from the crowd is essential.

Your entry should offer something unique, whether in perspective, approach, or execution. Originality captures attention and can significantly elevate your submission in the eyes of the judges.

Tailor your presentation

How you present your entry can be as important as its content. Adhere to any specified formats, but also consider the aesthetics of your submission. This doesn’t mean over-elaborating to the point of distraction but presenting your work clearly, professionally, and engagingly.

For written entries, this could mean careful attention to typography and layout. For other mediums, it might involve professional-grade packaging or digital presentation techniques.


It may seem obvious, but meeting the submission deadline is crucial. Late entries are typically disqualified. Plan your work schedule backward from the submission date, allowing extra time for unforeseen delays.

Submitting early can also give you a psychological edge, freeing you from last-minute panic and potentially even allowing time for final refinements.

Listen to feedback

If the competition offers feedback on entries during preliminary rounds or after the final judgement, embrace it.

Constructive criticism is a goldmine for improvement. It can provide direct insight into the judges’ decision-making process and highlight areas for enhancement in future submissions. 


  • Approach like an exam: carefully read the question and respond clearly to maximise your chances. Ensure your entry stands out positively, avoiding poor grammar or unclear writing. A well-written entry, even if not perfect, is more likely to be shortlisted.
  • Strategy: When entering, describe your actual strategy, focusing on actions and plans, not just hopes. Winners often stand out due to their distinctive and promising strategies based on their actions.
  • Highlight your points: For numbers-based award entries, highlight growth, not just with percentages but also with absolute numbers to show the significance of the increase. This helps people understand the real impact of your growth, as the context of starting figures can greatly affect the perception of your success.
  • Detailed steps: Differentiate yourself by detailing unique challenges and how you’re tackling them. Merely listing common challenges without showing efforts to overcome them likely won’t lead to winning.
  • Stand out: Winners stand out through exceptional client service, growth, or innovation. Explain how you stand out in your approach and what makes you a worthy winner compared to the competition


By adhering to these principles, you can increase your chances of not just participating but prevailing.

Remember, the journey toward submitting an award-winning entry is as much about the process as it is about the outcome. Embrace each phase with diligence and enthusiasm, and success may well be within your reach.

Now that you know what it takes, ready to try your hand at one?

The Accounting Excellence Awards are coming up and this may be your chance to put these tips into practice. The nominations are now open, so what are you waiting for? Submit your award-winning entry.

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