If you want a job done well, bring in the experts

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Introducing ROAR, PracticeWeb’s new partner for lead generation in paid media.

Here at PracticeWeb, we recognise the need to focus on campaigns that deliver brand benefits and tangible results. This is especially true when new client acquisition is the name of the game.

Whether you’re a marketing manager who has committed to a company KPI for the year ahead or a managing partner putting your own cash into a project, you’ll want to have the hard numbers on ROI to show for it.

In 2017, we started working on paid media for PracticeWeb clients and generated decent results after overcoming some initial teething problems.

We managed successful click-to-call campaigns for a client in Bath, targeted PPC campaigns (at pace) for a new brand entering the contractor market, and we helped an East London high street firm get their inbox buzzing with enquiries. We achieved our blue Google Partner badge by the end of March 2018.

We also learned that while marketing strategy, creating content and building beautiful websites play to our strengths – that same deeply-ingrained skill in all things paid media lead generation was missing.

Enter ROAR.

ROAR is an ambitious, technology-driven, specialist paid media agency based in London. These guys really know their onions when it comes to Google PPC and other major forms of paid media for lead generation.

ROAR is now the official partner for PracticeWeb clients, and here are just some of the reasons why we chose them.

  • They take a more intelligent approach to paid media, including Google PPC
  • They use their in-house technology to focus on lowering the cost per click
  • They don’t waste money on broad match keywords

We chose ROAR because they:

  • take a more intelligent approach to paid media, including Google PPC
  • use their in-house technology and combine this with a methodical and transparent way of working that focuses on lowering the cost per click
  • don’t waste money on broad match keywords that may get the traffic but not the all-important conversions.

The team at ROAR have huge experience working with other professional services firms, and a proven track record of delivering big increases on ROI.

They were looking for a route to enter the accountancy market and are doing so exclusively with PracticeWeb. We also have that all-important cultural fit and find them easy to work with, tactically transparent and very client focused.

What does this mean for PracticeWeb clients?

Well, we can now offer a direct line into an expert PPC consultant who can talk through the potential benefits of paid media campaigns for your firm.

ROAR can assess market size, your goals and recommend if it is a good idea to use paid media and can manage expectations around what is possible and expected results.

Once a campaign is live, ROAR will be on hand to run, optimise and feed back monthly reports on where every penny is being spent and what results the campaign is generating.

The first campaigns have gone live, and we are now ready to open this up to all PracticeWeb clients.

It all starts with an introductory chat

If you would like to hear what ROAR have to say, please contact your account manager or pop an email into more@practiceweb.co.uk and we’ll get the ball rolling.

And I managed to write this whole blog without inserting a poorly judged ‘get your lead-gen roaring gag’… oh, nearly.