PracticeWeb integrates with live chat services

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Websites

At PracticeWeb we’re making it our mission to find the best business and marketing tools and integrate them into our WordPress platform, Horizon, for accounting firms to use.

We are delighted to announce that we now support three live chat services: Live Chat, Money Penny and Melu Chat.

All of them offer unique and distinct features to help convert more website traffic into enquiries and leads.

What is live chat?

Not to be confused with chatbots, which uses artificial intelligence to talk to your potential customers, live chat is a real person answering questions that prospects have when visiting your website.

Prospects are constantly assessing and judging businesses whilst going through the buying cycle. Being able to demonstrate your expertise and strong customer service is virtual to winning over those ideal clients.

Think of it like having a receptionist for your website.

Via a discreet pop-up window on the website, a prospect gets the chance to make an enquiry. In the chat window, they can then have an initial conversation about what they are looking for with someone on your team. If that matches what the prospect is looking for, they can then take down details for someone to call them back for a proper conversation.

What are the benefits?

In a world where buyers are impatient and can find your competitors listed out in search results, the ability to communicate in real-time and answer questions quickly can help put you ahead of the pack.

A live chat service on your website can make the difference between a customer leaving your site with unanswered questions or moving onto the next step in the buyer journey. It provides an immediate response and prevents frustration.

A recent blog post by Money Penny sums it up:

“Businesses have been quick to recognise that live chat can help to dramatically increase web conversions, by as much as 50%! In fact, live chat can generate up to six times more engagement with website visitors.”

Lee Rennie, the founder of Melu Chat, says:

“Our clients typically receive 35-40% more leads from their website when they have our live chat


“Being human operated, live chat shows your visitors you care about them, and our highly trained operators can help guide them through the site, answer any questions they have, and gather their information so you can turn them into a customer.


“When you’ve put in all the time, effort and money to build a professional website with a strong digital strategy, why would you then miss the numerous opportunities this brings by not having live chat operated by real people?”

These figures make a strong case for live chat, but it’s also dependent on traffic volume and the value you demonstrate through the chat tool itself.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with these providers to help generate the required traffic and for their chat services to help provide another way to convert more traffic into leads.

How can you take advantage of this?

If you’re looking to improve your customer experience, drive more traffic and increase website conversions, get in touch with us at or call us on 0117 915 0420.

We’ll talk you through the benefits of having live chat and what you can do to make the most out of it on your website.

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