The closure of Google+

by | May 30, 2019 | Websites

Back in 2010, Google+ was launched as an attempt to create a social media platform to rival that of Facebook. While it has been by no means as successful as its more established counterparts, it still had a community of dedicated followers.

With so many existing social media platforms out there to choose from, however, it sadly became eclipsed by its competitors and wasn’t able to evolve at the same pace as them.

In December 2018, Google made the decision to close down Google+ due to low usage and data breaches.

Google has already emailed its users to tell them their Google+ accounts closed in April 2019.

Any pages that were created through Google+ will have also been shut down by Google.

No other Google products are affected and products such as Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive remain very much in use.

Google+ vanity URL names are no longer supported and have also been deleted by Google. Apps and sites using the Google+ icon sign-in button have stopped working, and you will no longer be able to create new Google+ profile pages or events.

A previous version of our websites for accountants service included a Google+page, but clients who have a Google+ page can rest assured that we will remove the icon from your website for you, so your customers are not going to a redundant URL.

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