Where to Focus SEO When Time is Short

by | Jun 2, 2017 | SEO, Websites

As an agency we’re always advising Accountants on how they could better their website in the search engines with SEO. However, what a lot of agencies might not consider is the lack of time or resource a business might have to implement these SEO recommendations to their website. Unless you have your own internal marketing team assigned to the digital side of your firm, time is very precious.

In a time sensitive environment there are quick SEO wins you can look at to drive more visitors or increase the quality of traffic (and leads) coming to your site:

  1. Focus on specific keywords your target audience will be searching for
  2. Maximising click-through-rate for your target audience
  3. Improve your website experience to maximise the value of existing traffic

Focus on specific keyword niches for your target audience

Creating service pages on your website and hoping they will rank in Google won’t cut it. You need to develop content that centres around what your target audience is looking for which includes writing about very specific niche focussed topics. Think of the last phone call you had with a client, what problem did they face and what advice did you give them?

Whilst some conversations might be very similar, you’ll find a client’s problem in one industry is totally different to client’s problem in another industry – help them solve this problem by writing advice in a blog post to start solving the issue before they even have to get in touch. If they still call you, you know it’ll be worth the time.

Niche specific topics can often be less competitive and easier to rank for in Google (however this is totally subjective to the topic), so it is definitely worth your time to take advantage of those opportunities. It’s always best to check in Google what other people are writing about first though, and then see if you can write something even better.

Maximise the click-through-rate for your target audience

Once you’ve crafted the ideal content that would be right for your audience, the next easy win to focus on is maximising the number of people in your niche who click on this content from Google. To do this you’ll need to look at your ‘meta data’ – this is the information that is shown in the Google search results and is easily accessible in your website’s CMS.

Treat this information like an elevator pitch – how can you best sell your page so that users click on your website, not a competitor’s. This is an easy win if you’re already visible to your target audience but lack the number of prospects clicking through to your website.

Improve website experience

Once you’ve increased your click-through-rate for your target audience, you then need to make sure that this qualified traffic converts properly.

Conversion rate optimisation is a method of using analytics and user feedback to increase the experience on your website, and improve the number of conversions. Perhaps your contact information isn’t readily available at every instance, or maybe users aren’t understanding your content. Whatever the scenario, you’ll need to look at your website’s analytics to get an idea of how users are navigating through your website, and what goal you want them to achieve – do you want them to contact you or even just sign up for a newsletter?

Mix this all together as a strategy for increasing well targeted visitors and leads

When you don’t have the marketing resources, time can be a very valuable thing in an accountancy firm. Optimising a website is crucial in today’s digital space but if you haven’t got the time it’s often easy to overlook this part. Taking time out on a Friday afternoon to check across these easy SEO wins will do wonders for your website, and you might start to figure out who your ideal client is along the way too.

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