Google Analytics: Why accountants should use it

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Websites

You’ve got a new website with all the bells and whistles, spent weeks tirelessly working on search engine optimisation and perfecting your marketing strategy. You sit back, cross your arms and wait eagerly to reap the rewards.

But what’s to say any of it was even worth the hassle?

When we decide to apply techniques such as these, their implementation is only half the battle. To utilize their full potential it’s imperative that we monitor their success frequently, allowing us to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of our efforts.

Feedback enables us to make adaptations – rejigging different aspects to perfect our strategies to generate the most possible leads and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

This is where Google Analytics comes in, a state of the art tool which delivers a wide array of data-driven feedback for websites. It provides insight crucial to understanding both our successes and failures.

It’s a common misconception that tools like Google Analytics only illustrate basic measures of success such as website traffic, or that the more sophisticated data provided is only decipherable by techy whizz-kids. Thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Google Analytics hoards and presents a myriad of in-depth data, helping you to understand everything from the average age of your website’s visitors, to which are your poorest performing pages, all presented in condensed, easy to understand graphs, charts and infographics.

With this wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, everything from site design to product offering can be adjusted to better suit audiences and inevitably increase profits.

So you’ve pored over the data, made the relevant adaptations to your site or strategy – what next?

Another invaluable offering of Google Analytics is the ‘goals’ function, with which users are able to set precise targets regarding revenue, acquisition, inquiry and engagement. By creating a goal of this kind, covering a chosen window of time, users have the ability to accurately measure whether or not their changes were beneficial, as well as directly comparing their results to other periods.

In recent times Google has also added a particularly insightful ‘benchmarking’ tool which gives users the ability to compare a range of their statistics against key competitors’ websites (providing those competitors also use Google Analytics).

This ethos of continuous improvement is essential to remaining competitive in the internet age, and when opening an account is free there really is no excuse to miss out.

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