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Drive quality traffic to your website.

Even the best websites are unable to boost a business if nobody ever sees them, and that’s where SEO comes in. We’ll manage the optimisation of your website to match user intent to landing pages to build brand visibility, feed the funnel and drive action.

Search engine optimisation is the practice of raising the quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website. It requires a blend of science and art, combining in-depth analysis with the cleverest of copywriting.

Having a beautifully-designed and user-friendly website is critical to online success, whether you want to attract new clients or talented staff. And we build brilliant websites for accountants, smart designs that are based around your business goals.

But none of that makes any difference if nobody ever visits, and the way most people end up visiting a website is through a search engine – probably Google.

If you want to make your website SEO work harder for your company, we can help. Our approach to SEO delivers results, as we always aim to optimise according to your goals. We’ll make suggestions to improve your existing pages and can even create SEO-focused content if you’re too busy to write yourself.

Getting results through Accountant SEO

Clients that have used our SEO service have seen positive results. On average they have achieved a 15% increase in new leads and new business as a measureable result of our input.

Our ethical and effective SEO helpes clients reach and maintain impressive ranking positions for highly competitive keywords and phrases, and giving them the opportunity to seize upon new opportunities, such as cloud accounting and Making Tax Digital.


Making SEO work

  • Good SEO shows credibility and builds trust, indicating that people are finding your content relevant and useful.
  • Few people look beyond the first page of Google, so if your rankings are poor you may be going unnoticed.
  • Best SEO practice means more than just keywords, however. It’s about creating engaging content, fine tuning the technical setup of your website and creating a website structure that is good for both users and search engines.

To find out more about how we can help you build a long term SEO strategy, please get in touch.

See the results


More organic visits


More sales leads


Better quality traffic


Increased brand visibility


Rank above the competition


Greater perceived authority

Our ethical and effective SEO service includes everything you need to reach and maintain impressive ranking positions for highly competitive keywords and phrases.

Keyword recommendationsYes
SEO content planMonthly
Pro content planQuarterly
Account managementYes
Monthly performance callYes
SEO expert Q&A callQuarterly
Search performance reportMonthly
SEO health auditAnnual


FREE SEO audit

We’ve put together our website SEO audit to help you understand exactly how your site performs in search, and then what you can do to push it to the next level. There’s no complex technical jargon – just straightforward, actionable insights to help shape your digital marketing strategy. We’ll also tell you how your website’s performance compares to your peers with our exclusive accounting industry data benchmarks.


The report includes:

  • How are people finding you in search?
  • Are there any technical issues with your site?
  • Are you converting traffic?
  • How do you compare against others?

How can we help you?

Interested in learning more about how SEO could build your business?

We would love to support you in meeting your firm’s goals.

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