Congratulations, your new site is live!… now what…

So after all your investment, time and input your site is now live and ready… but now what? Your new site going live is just the start of the plan to achieve your business goals. A website is the vehicle that’s going to help you get there. But unless you’re very lucky, things won’t just work out for you organically, there are steps you need to take to get the most out of your site. Like a car, it won’t just get you somewhere by turning it on. You need to make sure it has fuel and drive it, it needs your input. It all starts here…

Define what success looks like

Of course you website is built with your business goals in mind, but you need to be clear on what you website needs to do to get you there.

It is getting you business enquiries? Then you want high levels of traffic and a high conversion rate.

Is it to showcase your brand and services? Then you’re going to want high on page time, low bounce rate and contact inquiries too.

Whatever it is, you need to explicitly identify what you need it to do. Once you know you what you website to do you can decide what you’re ready to move on to step two, measuring.

Measure It

But how do you measure this? You need the tools. Google Analytics is key here as it provides great top level insight into your data. Set up a custom dashboard and goals that fall in line with your KPI’s.

Make sure you’re measuring this frequently, ideally on a monthly basis. At the very least schedule time to have a quarterly review of your site and its performance to keep on top of how things are going. This is so you can expand on what works and improve what doesn’t.

Invest for further success

Remember that your site is always a work in progress. You may be lucky and your site achieves everything you want from the off – amazing! But often that’s not the case. Just because you open a shop, doesn’t mean customers will walk through the door. The same with a website. Sometimes you’ll have to invest in services such as adwords or a content marketing strategy to drive more traffic.

Perhaps over time you’re seeing a decrease in performance. You may have to invest in an SEO strategy to ensure you retain your success.

What’s key here is to make sure you improve what isn’t working and expand on what is.

Talk to the Pros!

Talk to us if you need advice. We provide website for over 600 clients so we know our stuff. If you’re stuck on how to achieve your business goals through your site then give us a nudge!

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