Business insights: October edition

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Strategy, Content

We have been back on UK Business Forums digging through the posts from the last month to pull out conversations small businesses are having that you need to see.

First, while of course we know you are friendly bunch, it seems that an initial appointment with an accountant can sometimes fill a small business owner with dread. Yes – dread. This start-up wanted to have a bit of background on what to expect, “I have an appointment with an accountant next week and want a bit of advice so I don’t go in looking like an unprepared idiot”. Do any of your clients feel like this? If so, what can you do to make that first visit as smooth as possible, and reassure them that it’s not their job to impress you, but the other way round?

This thread on choosing an accountant started a lively debate after someone responded with “do you even need one?”. Our favourite response: “I am capable of painting my front room, but I choose to employ a painter to do it, as he is quicker and better at it than me and it means I don’t have to spend my free time painting.”

We also noticed a couple of threads discussing how much an accountant should be charging. This member is questioning the value he is getting from his accountants, where as on this thread they are debating the relative benefits of accountants vs bookkeepers. It’s interesting to read different perceptions of value from the all sorts of different small business owners.

Has this given you food for thought? Get in touch to talk about how you could use these insights in planning your client communications.

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