I have done my buyer personas, what’s next?

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Strategy

There’s no point spending time crafting personas and creating valuable insights only to take no action. You have to use them to drive your marketing campaigns.

You know the type of customer you want. Now it’s time to use your freshly gained knowledge and go out and get them.

First, take a good look at your value proposition and question whether it needs any refinement based on the profile of your ideal clients. Does your core proposition speak to the needs of your persona? This may mean making tweaks to your messaging.

This adjusted messaging needs to come across in all communications from your firm so ensure all touch points are consistent.

For many accountancy firms a website is the hub of all marketing efforts and so refreshing the content here is perhaps the best place to begin.

This will almost certainly involve editing or rewriting text to make sure it is suitably targeted, and conveying the right messages. This is also a good chance to reconsider your use of images (add them if you haven’t already) and even the layout or format of pages.

Your new personas should also be considered in your blog posts, any downloadable assets, and social media feeds.

But it’s not just your digital activity – offline initiatives such as advertising, printed collateral and events should also reflect the intention to attract your perfect customer.

While it’s wise to revisit persona development from time to time (business objectives and the accountancy landscape can change, after all) just a single process of persona development can have a major impact on your business for years to come.

Not written buyer personas for your firm yet? For more on how to get this process right, download our eBook.

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