Websites for accountants

Our accounting website designs are developed with practices and their clients in mind.

Fully optimised to meet your search needs, easy to manage and with built-in functionality, our accounting website designs position you to connect with your ideal clients wherever they are along the customer journey.

Intuitive web design

Our web design is always focused on getting your accounting firm results – we never design for the sake of design. It’s an analytical process as much as a creative one. Where are your visitors looking? Where do they click? What can be done to get them to pick up the phone?

Easy-to-use CMS

Our web designers build all of our accounting websites on our own platform, Horizon, which has been developed around WordPress. It makes it easy not only to add and remove content within pages but also to clone pages, add new ones or remove them, enabling you to fully realise your ideas, adjusting and expanding your firm’s website in your own time.


All Horizon websites are built to be fully mobile responsive meaning your web design will look as good on a smartphone as on a desktop PC, which is vital now that more than 50% of web traffic is typically mobile. Read more about mobile-first indexing on our blog.

Example of a mobile responsive website design displayed across different devices.
Example of a mobile responsive website design displayed across different devices.

To make life easier, our accounting websites designed with Horizon integrate with popular CRM, email, practice management and chat-bot services.

Moneypenny integration

Some of our most popular integrations are above, but the list is much longer and continues to grow.
Speak to us if you have a specific integration requirements.

Talk to us about your website project

The websites we design and build are focused on meeting your marketing goals. We’d love to talk. Contact us to find out how we can help your practice and for a no-obligation quote.


Your website comes with on-page SEO guidance via a pre-installed plugin called Yoast. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use tool that can help you make your website search-engine-friendly. We also offer targeted SEO for accountants as an add-on service.

Hyper text transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) is a protocol for securing the communication between two systems. Your PracticeWeb Horizon website will be HTTPS secure, just as you would expect.

Lead generation

Lead generation is often a key part of the design brief we are given by accountancy practices. If that’s a priority for you, we will create a website structure that takes users on a journey towards a clear call to action.

All of our Horizon websites have at least one landing page template included. They include Ninja Forms, on which we can provide training, so you can create your own bespoke web forms for lead capture.

Return on investment

In order to meet your firm’s marketing and business goals, tracking and measuring the performance of your website is crucial. The good news is that all our Horizon websites come with pre-configured tracking which goes beyond the standard analytics, with traffic volumes, referring sources, and user journey tracking. We configure your website to track form conversions, clicks on email links and phone numbers, and email sign- ups. Feeding this into your Google Analytics dashboard provides easy monitoring of conversion tracking and ROI.

Talk to us about your website project

Beautiful website designs, ready to support your business plan

Our bespoke web designs are focused on meeting your marketing goals such as lead generation, brand and product promotion. A great deal of thought and skill goes into making them the best in the sector. Our starter themes have been tested and perfected by our web design team to deliver on what matters most to accountants, from lead generation to information sharing.

Diamond accountants website
Diamond accountants website

A range of features to tell your firm’s story

Content management
Our website platform is built on WordPress, giving you access to its powerful content editing tools and intuitive interface to support your marketing objectives.

Fully responsive
Our website designs are automatically optimised for all screen sizes across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Demonstrate your expertise, build your brand and resonate with your target clients through content with a fully-featured blogging function. If time is an issue, we also offer specialist website content for accountants at various levels.

SEO ready
Boost the performance of your content through our on-page SEO feature: optimise your keywords or phrases, manage duplicate content, analyse readability, preview your page on Google search and much more. We can also manage the search optimisation of your website.


Supercharge your lead generation
From collecting prospect data to building your email subscriber list through to managing your leads, the lead generation features built into our websites give you the tools to create and monitor successful campaigns.

Flexibility built in
Change, add or edit through our flexible page layouts. Extend your website as your firm or ambitions grow, without the need for outside resource.

Powerful visitor reporting
To meet your marketing and business goals, measuring the performance of your website is crucial. Our platform integrates with a number of analytical tools you can set up yourself, or that we can handle for you.

Setting you up for success
It’s our mission to make your website the best it can be. That’s why our onboarding and customer support team are here to train, educate and help you throughout your subscription period.


Talk to us about your website project

The websites we design and build are focused on meeting your marketing goals. We’d love to talk. Contact us to find out how we can help your practice and for a no-obligation quote.

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