Is your website fit for purpose in 2020?

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Websites, SEO, Strategy

As an accountant, you already know the value of data – and of turning it into actionable insights that inform your clients’ strategic and tactical business decisions.

You’ll be working with various business intelligence tools, presenting analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs and charts to clients, providing intelligence about their business finances.

But when it comes to marketing, accountancy firm owners, partners and marketers often tell us that they don’t know if their website and digital marketing is performing as well as it could be.

They’re not sure if their website is being found in search engines. They’re uncertain whether their marketing activity is driving traffic back to their site or if their target clients are engaging with their digital marketing activity.

And, most importantly, they’re not confident it’s generating leads.

What’s holding accounting firms back?

We often find a lack of understanding on how to analyse the performance of marketing and, in many cases, a lack of marketing tools within a firm to perform that task.

This is illustrated by the experience of one of our recent clients, Paul Johnstone from Bourne Accounting, who underwent our  free website and search engine optimisation audit service before deciding to work with us:

The audit was an amazing eye-opener.

I had my doubts about how my website was performing but didn’t realise how badly because I lacked the technical know-how to find out. PracticeWeb broke it all down using real and easy-to-understand information and offered advice that was straightforward and practical.’

What can accountants do about it?

As the world continues to shift more online, and traditional marketing activity is sidelined due to the pandemic and the government response, firms need to embrace the switch to a more digitally minded marketing strategy.

They need to keep pace with their target clients’ expectations and position themselves where their target clients are going to find answers to business problems.

The good news is that digital marketing can be tracked, analysed and improved far more easily than traditional activity.

It’s hard to know how many people read a paper leaflet or saw a billboard but when it comes to email newsletters and websites, there’s hard data to draw on.

To help with this, we’ve designed a free digital marketing audit service that enables firms to assess and analyse performance and make data-informed decisions about their marketing, search engine and website strategy.

It’s designed to set them on the right path towards habitually tracking the return on investment of their marketing activity and so help them grow faster than their competition.

What do we analyse?

At PracticeWeb, we always start with data when it comes to shaping digital marketing strategies.

It’s the basis of our work with accounting firms, helping them answer fundamental questions about their digital marketing and website performance:

  • Am I visible to my target clients?
  • Am I attracting the right types of clients?
  • Are they engaged with my marketing and website?
  • Is my marketing activity and website converting traffic to leads?

We’ve distilled this into a free website and search engine audit which helps you answer these specific questions and then delivers concrete, practical recommendations for improvements.

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