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How to get more accounting clients for your firm

Whether you are rebuilding your firm, further capitalising on gains made or just trying to build some momentum, the quest for new clients continues. Marketing through hard times is often said to be the best opportunity, when weaker competitors have given up. We take a look at five go-to ideas to focus your marketing and gain new accounting clients.

What pages should every accounting website have?

Every business has a website now. It is pretty much the first thing that someone does when they decide to start trading; well, after they have spoken to an accountant, obviously. But who decides what goes on a website and what pages it should have? Here is an exploration of these pages to find out the answers.

12 social media ideas for accountants in 2022

We talk to a lot of accountants who have the feeling they’re supposed to be on social media, and supposed to be posting regularly. The problem is, they just don’t know what to post.

We’ve put together a list of ideas for social media posts that offer opportunities to emphasise different aspects of your firm’s brand identity in 2022.

4 digital opportunities for accountants

The past few years have seen some major changes in the role technology has to play for accountants and what their clients expect from them. In our latest insight report, we decided to dig into those changes, looking at shifts in accounting technology, digital marketing and communications, as well as the challenges SME clients face.

What is better for your brand in the long term: PPC or SEO?

Like accounting, marketing can be riddled with jargon which makes it hard for busy practice owners to engage. It’s a shame and not the fault of accountants, so we’ll cut through some of it for you.

We’ll look at two pieces of terminology, two marketing approaches, relating to getting traffic to your website – of course with the ultimate aim of winning new clients.

Is your website harming your brand?

First impressions count in business, and your website is one of the first chances you get to show visitors what your firm is all about. With technology forever changing, if your website is stuck in the past your potential new prospects may think your business is too.

The complete guide to websites for accountants

Updated edition for 2022 and beyond

Everything you need to know to get the right website to help your accountancy firm meet its business and marketing goals, achieve maximum return on investment, and stand out in the accountancy marketplace.

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