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How to create the right meta description

A meta description is a summary of a page’s content that appears under search results. It’s usually around 155 characters long and gives readers a broad overview of what the page is about.  While writing meta descriptions is optional, including them in your website...

How to use Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a website plugin that helps users optimise their content to increase the likelihood of it appearing in search results. This plugin makes suggestions for improving website copy in the back end of your website, making it easy to maintain SEO best practices....

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How to find your PracticeWeb Mailing Reports

To find your Reports, log in to the back end of your website and click on the menu item titled PracticeWEB Mail Reports. You’ll then be taken to the Mailshot List where you can view all the mailshots that have been sent out. You can click Preview to see how the...

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What is the Fortnightly Business Newsletter?

The fortnightly newsletter is delivered every two weeks and provides information on business practices and industry-relevant information. For further details on our white label content, please visit our website or contact our Sales Department.

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Writing an engaging blog post: 4 tips

Blog readers have different expectations of web content than they would with a novel or an essay. Instead of large blocks of text, they're likely to expect small chunks of content that can be skim-read for the information they want. You should also consider breaking...

Interview with Business Owner: Euan Pringle

Earlier this year we took some time to speak to business owners about what they want from their accountants and the challenges they face. Now we want to share with you the insights that emerged from those conversations. First, here’s what we learned from talking to...

Listicles: the format everyone hates to love

Ask most writers what they think of listicles and the chances are they'll groan: “Ugh! Shallow, patronising clickbait, lacking in nutritional value - no thank you very much.” But readers love them, and they have great potential as a way of making writing about tax and...

Writing an About Us page

Imagine you're visiting a website for the first time. Maybe it's one that your friend recommended, or you found it through a quick Google search. Either way, you want to get a feel for the company before you start looking into the services they offer. Where would you...

Insight: The latest topics from small business

UK Business Forums (part of the Sift family) is the largest forum for startups and small businesses – it is an active and passionate community engage in lively debates, discussions and general chat on a wide range of topics. You don’t have to scroll through the 1,500...

If you want a job done well, bring in the experts

Introducing ROAR, PracticeWeb's new partner for lead generation in paid media. Here at PracticeWeb, we recognise the need to focus on campaigns that deliver brand benefits and tangible results. This is especially true when new client acquisition is the name of the...

What we’re doing to comply with GDPR

In little over a month’s time, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be coming into force. All businesses, including PracticeWEB, have been getting their houses in order to comply with the EU-wide legislation before it takes effect on 25 May 2018. Now is...

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